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Varner Wines pouring May 12th, 2-5pm

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Varner Wine Twins Jim and Bob Varner quietly farm a 14-acre vineyard in Portola Valley which was planted in 1980. Their winery has been quietly making a name for itself for its Chardonnays under the Varner Estate label and the secondary label, Foxglove. The Pinot Noirs, released under the Varner and Neely labels, are less well known but worth your interest as well. Because access to the estate vineyard and winery are through the Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve in the Santa Cruz Mountains, the winery cannot have a tasting room or conduct events and thus has largely been hidden from the public eye. They started with Chardonnay and Gewürztraminer planted on their own rootstocks. Over the ensuing years, further blocks were added with cuttings taken from the original vineyard. In 1997, 7 acres of Pinot Noir were planted (clones 115 and 777), and in 2006, the Gewüztraminer was grafted over to Pinot Noir clone 777, effectively resulting in 25-year-old vines. Bob eventually became the winemaker and Jim took over the sales and marketing of Varner Wines.

First Friday – May 4th 5-9 pm

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We are proud to once again host another First Friday at Vinocruz! Mimi Cahalan will be our featured artist. Here is a statement about her work:

“These pieces are constructed of paint, aluminum, wood, and nails to satisfy my need to be more physically engaged in my work than traditional painting allows. I revel in the color relationships, which I find an endlessly fascinating puzzle. (In the case of the “Poem” pieces and “More or Less Serious”, think Rubiks cube.)

Vine Hill Winery | Santa Cruz Wine Tasting

Vine Hill Pouring Saturday, April 28th 2-5 p.m

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Vine Hill Winery | Santa Cruz Wine TastingJoin us to enjoy the wines and talk with the winemakers of Vine Hill. Vine Hill Winery has a long and fascinating history going back to the days of early California statehood. The Vine Hill District was established by Brothers George and John Jarvis, et. al in April, 1867. By the 1870s the Jarvis brothers were making about 14,000 cases of wine a year and nine of the county’s 16 vintners were located on Vine Hill.

In 1968, David Bruce of Pinot Noir fame, purchased the land and replaced the Zinfandel with Pinot Noir. In 1974, David Bruce sold to Ken Burnap. Ken was a young Los Angeles restaurateur with a passion for Pinot Noir. Ken took up the flag and began making great wines. Nearby, the Smothers Brothers purchased the old Villa Fontenay, the original Vine Hill, and began making wine under the name Vine Hill, Inc. With Ken and a few others as their leaders, the Santa Cruz Mountains winemakers established the present day boundaries of the AVA in 1981.

Today at Vine Hill they carry on the traditions of great winemaking. By committing to using premium grapes, allowing each terroir to express its characteristics in the wine, and using sustainable vineyard and winery practices, we bring to you the very best of Vine Hill.

Exploring wines with Pelican Ranch

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Winemaker Phil Crews, PhD will help to broaden your wine IQ. On Saturday, April 14th the tasting table will feature: Rousanne, Grenache, Cinsault, and Pinotage. The unique flavor profiles of these wines and their grape origins will be explored to help Vinocruz in its mission of ³offering more sensorybombardment than ever.

Pelican Ranch Winery is a small, family owned and operated winery specializing in Rhone and Burgundy style wines from the best vineyards in California. Established in 1997, the winery is located a short distance from Monterey Bay which provides the constant, cool, coastal influence that allows for controlled, slow fermentation. The result is rich, full-flavored, complex wines. Pelican Ranch wines are labeled according to their single-vineyard designation. Production is limited to 100 cases from each vineyard.

First Friday

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Thanks to everyone who dropped by last Friday evening to meet local artist Chris Miroyan, check out her awesome new show, and enjoy some great wines. It was the 100th First Friday event, and the biggest First Friday event we’ve had since taking over the shop!

If you couldn’t make it, be sure and drop by to see Chris’ work.

See some examples of Chris’work, as well as photos from Friday’s event, here.

Meet Burrell School’s Dave Moulton

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Burrell School’s origins date back to 1854 when Lyman J. Burrell settled the rough wilderness that is now home to our winery and Estate vines. Carrying on the more than 130 year old tradition at the School, David and Anne Moulton began development of the Estate vineyard in 1973. At a 1,600 foot elevation, the site faces to the southwest. Soils are a complex mixture of loam and shale due to our close proximity to the San Andreas Fault.