vinocruz new location

Hello all! After many months of tirelessly searching for a new home for VinoCruz, we have finally closed the deal on a lease. We will be moving to the Soquel Village area on the corner of Soquel and Main. This is a great centralized location in Santa Cruz County and should allow us to do something that a lot of you have been asking for: a great outside seating area to enjoy the beautiful Santa Cruz weather!

This also happens to put us next to some great wineries, such as Bargetto, Soquel Vineyards, Wargen Wines and Hunter Hill!

While our main focus is still Wines of the Santa Cruz Mountains, we are going to be expanding to offer food, a few local beers on tap and a more comfortable experience to enjoy the amazing wines that Santa Cruz Mountains have to offer.

We are excited to finally have a location and will be updating everyone along the process.


-Jordan Iversen & Matt Schofield